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NACOA's Mission is to:
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NACOA is a non-profit trade association whose members have made a significant commitment to the Cruise vacation product.
NACOA was founded in 1985 by a small group of cruise selling agents from across the United States who came together with a vision to create a member driven, cruise focused trade association to address the needs and concerns of agents who specialize in the sale of cruises. NACOA is unique as the only trade association within the travel industry to focus its attention exclusively on the cruise vacation product, the needs of cruise oriented agents and the cruise industry as a whole. With a focused membership, NACOA provides a facilitating atmosphere fostering understanding, camaraderie and networking among a select group of trusted fellow members. Over the past many years, membership commitment to the principles and practices of that vision is evidenced by the fact that agents displaying the NACOA name are recognized as cruise selling professionals. In fact, a CLIA survey revealed that NACOA member agents are the most productive cruise sellers in the travel industry.
The cruise vacation industry is changing at great speed as it transforms itself to meet the constantly changing demands of the World markets for increasingly innovative products and cost-effective, value-added services.
Whether you are new to the cruise business or a seasoned veteran, the need for continuous learning is the only effective way to keep up with the changes that are shaping the industry, and your success in it.
A NACOA membership makes it possible for you to have affordable access to this kind of training and industry expertise, which will insure that you are a victor over these changes instead of being a victim of them.
Thatís right Ö for just pennies a day, you can be linked to a resource that exists for the sole purpose of helping you to grow yourself and your business professionally and profitably!
"We Mean Cruise Business"
Promote cruise vacations
Unite cruise retailers
Provide exceptional educational programs, and
Create a forum for cruise agents and cruise lines
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